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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Welcome to Sandast

It was late 2013 when we thought our Journey was coming to an inevitable end after the series of failed campaigns. Only then we realized our objective had been always about the “Profit”… rather than the “Beauty”


Be Your Legacy

For once, we wanted it to be about “Beauty” and beauty only. So the concept of “Be Your Legacy” was born.

The Bag that is cherished for life and in the end that represents the walk of your life… That has become our mission since then.

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American Quality

We believe your legacy shall be long-lived. Therefore, we must ensure its quality and durability.

And quality begins with the materials… Thus, we choose the finest materials around the globe


#Handmade with Passion & Soul

we believe your legacy shall be celebrated. therefore, we pair the finest materials with special artisans who put their passion and love into each product.

& we find “Sandasting” Quite enjoyable!


#Vintage Done Right

And most importantly, we believe your legacy shall be admired…

forever as it ages right along with you.

Thus, it is “Vintage done right”


Handmade to Order

It is why we believe your legacy deserves
“Name & Birthday”.

So from 2019, We are going completely
“Handmade to Order”

Thank you

“Your Legacy Starts Now”