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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle


While we assemble a team & better the presentation, we have decided to take on special collaboration project…

with each one of you.


Rough Treatment

“damaging the leather on purpose” was simply unthinkable.
we are not sure how many times we dropped the hammer before giving it the 1st battering.

As the saying goes, 1st time is the hardest… & this definitely has its own perks.


Vintage Done Right

& We would like to invite you to experience this special project, “rough treatment collaboration”

This is how it works & we assure everyone that it is very simple and quite enjoyable.


Be Your Legacy

we have bags that are ready for “rough treatment” on our shop page. once purchased, you tell us how rough you would like your treatment to be….. & we will stop only when you say…

“Chris, that is perfect! send it to me now”.

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