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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Vintage Done Right

America is a place of innovation achievement and genuine craftsmanship. At Sandast, MADE IN USA is not a gimmick or sales tactic it’s a seal of quality and symbol of pride. Using techniques from our ancestors and classic designs, we’re doing vintage goods the right way to produce lifetime pieces that truly demonstrate American Quality




Handmade with Passion & Soul  


All of our products are handmade in our Los Angeles studio. As a small business, we celebrate and cherish our ability to do things differently, that means taking more time and consideration to create Sandast products by hand with utmost sincerity. No automation,  or "Quality Control" just two eyes, two hands, passion & soul, with every single product.  




Be Your Legacy  –

You are unique, we think your leather should be as distinctive as you are. Sandast pieces are 1 of 1, while we produce limited quantities of each particular style, no bag is the same. With each piece comes a unique finish, the result of distressing, waxing, oiling, burnishing and polishing, all by hand; in this way we can deliver a product has its own character and quirks.  Moreover,  as with each piece to leave our workshop, quality is long-lasting.  From the day you receive your first Sandast piece it’s aging, wearing and seasoning with you.



Limited Production

Our production is limited to what we can produce with two hands, as you can probably tell, that's something we're proud of. 

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