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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

The Leather Experts

Whether it be a repair, restoration, or custom work, if your leather has a significant meaning in your life…..

You have come to the right Studio.

Final-Restored (5).JPG


Deborah has had this bag for about 25 years or so & this has been sitting in her study ever since. This bag had some major issues: a tear in the corner, a handle that could use an upgrade, old lining that had an unpleasant odor, and it needed an urgent skincare.

CameraStrap-SandastCamerastrap-BrettCameraStrap-leatherCameraStrap-coolcameraaccessory (1).JPG

Custom Camera Strap

Brett had accidentally stepped into our Studio & we started chatting and shared a few drinks. Next thing we know, he now has his camera strap for life.

Welding-Helmet (3).JPG

Welding Helmet

Leo is a welder & he knew early that he would become one. When he finally got accepted to be a member of his long-family of "Local 731", he asked us to make a special helmet to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

debbiebackpack-Sandastbackpack-handmadebackpack-Sandastwarranty (1).JPG

Warranty Repair

Looking at the flap, we thought she would be at least 2~3 years old.
When Anthony told me she was only about 6 months old, we were pleasantly surprised.

leatherrestoration-leatherrepair-handmadeleather (7).JPG


When Yona visited our Studio for the 1st time and showed me her husband’s briefcase, We had suggested that perhaps it was a time for its retirement and it would simply be best to give it a conditioning and keep it in their study.


Allyson Backpack

Allyson & Zack likes to travel travel around the world and she has been looking for a backpack that will accompany her in countless adventures.

So we’ve decided to make a custom backpack for Allyson
& Of course, it was Zack’s gift for Allyson.


Christina Travel

Mark has been a good friend & Ambassador for a long time. One day, he called & asked us if we could make some changes on his “Christopher Travel” he bought for his daughter, Christina.

And that is how it all began…