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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Handmade to Last....

As our slogan, "Be Your Legacy" implies, our products are handmade to last lifetime.
Materials we have carefully selected & how we assemble are direct results of our philosophy. 


All Sandast products carry a lifetime warranty on all materials and manufacturing.

Our products are built for lifetimes of satisfaction. We believe in our craftsmen, our materials and our designs so strongly that we warrant them against defects in materials and workmanship for lifetime.

Exposure to any harsh chemicals like salt, chlorine or conditioners that result in corrosion, discoloration or a breakdown of integrity of material, or a damage caused by any accident is will unfortunately void the lifetime warranty. 

Our lifetime warranty applies to product materials and construction under regular use.



Leather is a natural material and is therefore subject to change over time and with daily use. Irregularities in the consistency and depth of the color should not be considered a fault but inherent to the natural beauty of the leather.




Our leather distressing involves many different process of oiling, waxing, polishing, and finishing so that it is ready for its adventure with you. As you use our product, you will notice the leather and its color will start to change as it is exposed o sun, moisture, and affliction…. as it is designed to be. Please enjoy your journey and its company.

We recommend not to leave it wet for too long… you can simply wipe the moisture with a fine cloth and every six months or so, just apply leather conditioner with a fine cloth. Always test in a small area first to see if you like the result. Apply in thin, even layers allowing each application to completely dry.




We provide repairs to reasonable wear and tear of the leather for the life of our products. As for damage caused by accident or any other unfortunate incident, we will do our best to accommodate you with repairs.

If you have any concerns or general questions about warranty, please feel free to email us at


Thank you & "Be Your Legacy"



Gloria’s Debbie Backpack

Zeke is only a 3 month old & He is a new member of Gloria Family. He is an adorable puppy that will share many wonderful moments & memories. And we already have one.

No, He did not eat any homework, but He did chew Gloria’s backpack.

debbiebackpack-Sandastbackpack-handmadebackpack-Sandastwarranty (1).JPG

Anthony’s Debbie Backpack

Anthony is Sandast Ambassador from Singapore & He bought his DebbieBackpack in Isetan, Shinjuku Tokyo store during his visit in Tokyo.

So when he told me She was only 8 months old, I was very pleasantly surprised as I thought she would have to be at least 2 years old.