Max Collar & Leash

Max Collar & Leash

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Upon realizing the love & affection Mike has for Max,  I wanted to create something special.... not just a collar & leash, but the Legacy that we can forever remember and cherish by.   Using the Finest English Bridle & Solid Brass Hardware, it is guaranteed to last Forever... and when the time comes that we must say "Goodbye" to our loved ones,  I want his collar & Leash to serve as his Memoir & Eulogy.

When the time comes, please send these back to us, and we will engrave your love and message so that he can be forever remembered as a member of your family.

*   20% of the sales will be donated to Humane Society in various cities in the US.

Sizes & Length are listed and also can be adjusted to your preference.  If unsure, please send us an email to

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Materials Used:  Finest English Bridle, Solid Brass Hardware, and Handmade in our Los Angeles Studio.
Max collar & Leash is for Male dog and we completely agree with the old saying, "It is not a size of dog in a fight, but the size of fight in the dog that matters".  Regardless of its size or look, if your loved one has some fight in him/her, Max's set is for him/her.  Made out of Finest English Bridle & Solid Brass Hardware, it is Strong, Durable, and made to last forever.

Size for Collar
S :  Neck measurement - 10.5 ~ 14.5 inches
M:  Neck measurement - 15.5 ~ 19.5 inches
L:  Neck Measurement -  20.5 ~ 24.5 inches

Leash Length:  Our Leash is made 78 inches in total Length. If you would like it to be shorter or longer, please let us know.  We will adjust the length for you.

Collar:  We will engrave his name and contact information so that he can return home in case he gets lost.
Leash:  Let us know of his Legacy and we will engrave accordingly and as with all things... when the day comes that we must say "Goodbye", please send the leash back along with his memories and message so that he can be forever remembered and cherished.

* All Sandast products are American Made using the best materials around the globe. If it bears our logo, it is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Please be aware that since all of our products are handmade to ensure “No two bags are the same”,  the color and its tone of your bag will be different than the photoed. 



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