Classic Brief - American Black

Classic Brief - American Black

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This Classic Brief is for He/She who understands sometimes the deal gets made over the lunch on Friday.   With Sandast Classic Brief,  you will look relaxed & confident.  Please do not let the slim look fool you.  You will be pleasantly surprised how much it can actually pack while looking slim & elegant.

Braided & Handmade in USA
Vintage Done Right
Dimension: 16 x 13 x 2

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** Please be aware that due to the nature of handmade goods, the color and tone of your bag will be different than the one photographed. All Sandast products are American Made using the best materials around the globe. Our Genuine Leather coupled with our meticulous distressing process produces items that are 100% unique as well as Vintage Done Right. If it bears our logo, it is guaranteed for a lifetime. This is our Sandast Promise.

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