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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Expert in Leather

If You have the Leather that needs a care or restoration, let us know. 
We specialize in Restoration & Care. 


Restorations & Care

As both purveyors and admirers of fine leather goods, Sandast offers custom restoration on non-Sandast items. Our ability to service and fix your items will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you have a leather made item that you'd like to see returned to former glory, please bring it by our studio or send us photos of the item in question. We'd be happy to inspect, evaluate and price the restoration of your cherished leather goods. 


Dr.Hayes has had this bag for about 25 years or so & this bag has been sitting in her Study ever since. This bag had some major issues; a tear in one of its 4 corners, a handle that could use an upgrade, old lining that had an unpleasant odor, and it needed an urgent skincare. So our 1st Restoration project had started...


Last week, a gentleman came to see me in our Studio & he brought his favorite shoes. This is what happened in his own words.

"There was a shoe shop that didn’t really make an attempt to fix the original stain. Then my mom tried using a little bit of soap and water and that didn’t work. A few compounded errors but it is what it is."

shoepatina-after (1).JPG

SANDASTing on Boots

You have a brand new pair of your favorite shoes & feel they lack in “Character”?
If so, let us help you with Patina.

leatherrestoration-leatherrepair-handmadeleather (1).jpg

25 Year old Briefcase

I had to laugh when Yona told me her husband was carrying it with broken handle just a few days ago… until Yona simply had it enough of him carrying this ugly thing.

This was by far the most difficult & we loved it !