Handmade with Passion & Soul

It has been a long Journey.... a  Journey that seemed impossible,  at times lost, and full of miracles.
In 2010, I had found SANDAST as an investor.  I was naive and had severely mis-managed the finance.
By Summer 2012, all of my investment had dried up and the situation looked very grim with the departure of my ex-partner.


I thought about doing the same as that seemed like the only logical choice.  Yet, I just could not walk away.  I became emotionally attached to it as if Sandast were my child.  So I stuck with it... Sold my house, car, life insurance, and anything & everything that had any value.


So my journey contiued, but after few more years of disasterous campaigns, I thought the end was near & inevitable in Fall 2013.  Only then,  I had realized that ever since I had found Sandast, my focus had always been on maximizing profit or the numbers instead of inspiring consumers with quality & aesthetics.


So I decided to give it a full swing before going out.  We had upgraded everything from the leather, zippers, hardware, and our approach to the bag making itself.


Nothing happened for about 4 months and I felt very vulnerable.  Then a miracle happened.  Following a friend’s advice, I sent a few bags to movie productions... only to find out that Blake Lively fell in love with our Christopher Travel and she started endorsing our products.   Of course, she brought us a lot of businesses, but more importantly, it gave us a hope... an Affirmation that we were indeed on a right track.  We never looked back, but dedicated ourselves even more on the quality. 

Christophertravel-Travelduffle-handmadeduffle-travelbag (6).JPG

As a small business, we understood we could not possibly compete against the Major Designers in US & Abroad, in terms of marketing, advertising, and packaging.  So we have been focusing on the area that we control our own destiny & out-compete.. and that has been the quality.

We also understand We are all unique. Therefore, we have different views & perspectives. We completely understand that "Beauty” is such a subjective matter and that is why we have & never will claim that Sandast makes the most beautiful product.


However, when it comes to an amount of Effort, Dedication, Passion, and Love that goes into each product and the end result being Quality...

We take no 2nd seat to anyone and we mean it sincerely. 


Sandast Team

Chris Pak