Digital Detoxication

I lost my phone last Sunday in a very bizarre & funny way.

I am not sure how long it took for it to develop, but it must have been a while that I got a smart phone addiction. It was last Saturday that I had come to a realization of my addiction to a smart phone. Last Saturday, I was playing with my kids & I kept answering their questions or talking to my kids while being glued to my phone. My wife pointed out a few times, but I had also caught myself many times prior to her pleas.

Sunday night….after putting my kids to sleep, I came to my studio for a cook out with friends. A long beautiful night with drinks & laughters…. Yet, catching myself looking at my phone during the entire night.

We drank a lot & I ended up crashing in the couch. Upon waking up early in the morning, I was looking for my phone, but couldn’t find it. So I called my number to locate it as usual….only to find out someone else answered it.

Of course, I wasn’t completely sober when that happened and was more taken aback by the fact that someone else answered it. Anyways, I had to hurry & go home in time for my wife goes to work. A few hours later, I was back in my studio… and by this time, things started to vaguely come together. I called my number again & somewhere in his words (he sounded a bit dazed & lost), he said…” you gave me the phone”.

Then, it all came together. Yeah, I did give my phone to a homeless guy walking by upon realizing my addiction & I felt at that moment that my phone was causing me many problems.

For the 1st few days, I seriously considered going “Cellphone - Less” & ordered the landline for Sandast Studio.

By Wednesday, I came to a realization that the phone is needed. After all, my wife works & we have 3 children.

For the past few days, I was debating if I should get the non-smartphone or not… only to realize that I needed a smart phone or its messenger apps to talk to my clients in various countries. So I brought back my old Iphone, but decided to keep my distance from it.

It has been about 6 days that I am going somewhat “Digital Detoxication” and I must tell you. This has been the biggest blessing that happened to me.

I’ve told all of my friends to stop texting me, but to call me & we have been conversing.
More importantly, it has drastically improved my time with my children. Every morning, my routine is to walk my 2 older boys to school & walk around the neighborhood with my youngest in a stroller. For the past few months, I had done it while listening to music or podcasts…. past 3 days, I was talking to my youngest throughout the walk.

And I asked myself…. “What else have I been missing???”

Oh yeah, I’ve also decided to cut down on my drinking as well.

Indeed… losing the phone last Sunday was the blessing.



Chris PakSandast Studio