Be Your Legacy

Chapter 1 : Mission Accomplished

Earlier this week, I received a phone call from Gloria, our Ambassador in Houston and during our conversation, she told me she had been a runner throughout her life. When she told me she ran the full marathon more than a dozen time, I had to ask you…. “How does one do it?”


According to Gloria, it is never about 26.2, but one mile at a time. Otherwise, 26.2 is simply too much for the mind & body to absorb and continue. She added that it is the same logic she applies to her life and work. One small goal at a time….

That was when a bell rang in my mind.

Of course, I’ve probably read & heard the importance of setting many smaller goals to achieve the main goal about 100s of times. But it didn’t register until Gloria told me her story.

JamesTote-Handmadetote-diaperbag-leathertote (3).JPG

Back in 2013, when we had less than few cents left and things looked extremely bleak, my only wish was to at least create something I would be proud of even if our Journey were to come to its end later.

That became our mission and we have been sticking by it.


6 Years later, we are honored to have such an amazing group of Ambassadors including…
Blake Lively who has been very supportive from our early days ( "Age of Adaline”) and co-designed our most significant James Series…
James from Los Angeles who opened the doors to Ritz Carlton….
Mark from Conneticut whose mere presence with Sandast bags opened the doors to Rolls Royce Owners Club…
Richard from Pennsylvania who graciously gave us an endorsement and granted a permission to use this name & title on our Francis Briefcase…
And every single one of you who has been enjoying your Sandast bags with smiles.


All in its pure organic way….. and it is a clear indication that we have out-done ourselves.
Yet, I’ve failed to give my team a credit and Yes, we do deserve nice pats on our backs.

& Just like Gloria has said, it feels great to be acknowledged and appreciated for our accomplishment.

Now that Sandast has successfully established our Identity in the highest quality, our Journey is ready for the new Chapter.

Thank you for all of your support & Stay tuned…
The fun begins now!

FrancisBriefcase-handmadebriefcase-ultimatebriefcase (1).JPG