Sandast Studio


Located in Downtown Los Angeles, this workshop has been Sandast's home for the past 6 years. When I found this location, it was one big empty place. Right after signing the lease, I got a call from a friend saying that he has these beautiful woods for absolutely nothing.  I rented a truck and my workshop was half done. It took me about 2 months to get the foundation ready and it is still growing.

One cool aspect of our showroom is that not only do you get to see Sandast’s leather goods, but you also get a glimpse of how each product is made by hand. The other side of the “Sandast wall” is our workshop where all the Sandast products are made.

I found Sandast back in 2010 and like all other business start ups, my initial goal was to make money. In a business world that is the norm; but in retrospect, that is a serious “No No” in fashion. Because my focus was more leaning toward money & profit, I looked for ways to cut the cost of materials and cut corners.  Searching for and using an inferior materials that looked somewhat legitimate. Focusing more on the productivity than the quality. I was looking for an easier way instead of the proper way. So many mistakes and unfortunately, I had no mentor who would have guided me in the right direction.  Four consecutive years of heavy losses and I did not have anything else left to sell after my house, car, life insurance, etc. It seemed inevitable that my journey with Sandast was coming to an end, however before I quit I wanted to make something nice that I could be proud of.

With the little money I had left, I made an upgrade on all fronts: leather, hardware, craftmenship, and construction.  Miraculously, that’s when my luck started to change. Suddenly, I started catching some unimaginable breaks and Sandast is still here in 2016.


Some of you guys are aware that I have decided to recreate our entire collection from scratch. It’s not because something was wrong with what we had made previously (we all gave our 100% effort when making each product), but it has more to do with a philosophy.  I have been just making the products instead of creating. Looking back at the struggle I had to endure for the past 6 years, it seemed insuperable. However, I’ve made it through and learned a couple things. During the process, I learned a lot about leather crafts and this time and I wanted to create a collection.

I understand that beauty is a subjective matter. What I find beautiful may not be to everyone. However, I would like to personally assure everyone that the quality will never be an issue with Sandast. As stated, I learned my lesson the hard way and I am totally committed to letting my product and quality do the inspiring. Give us a try, I assure you it will be worth it.

Chris Pak