Rough Treatment

Shanna brought in Peter’s briefcase for a repair late 2018 and once repaired, I had him displayed in our Studio waiting for Shanna to come pick it up. One day, a Gentleman visited our studio and started browsing the store like any shopper would. He then stopped his track in front of Peter’s bag and kept staring at it for sometime. He asked how much and I told him it wasn’t for sale. He started browsing again and shortly after, found him in front of Peter’s bag again. He asked for its price again and out of curiosity, I asked how much he was willing to pay.

When he pulled out his money, I knew he was serious & I told him it belonged to someone else. We started chatting and I told him about our aging process and that if he likes it so much, he only has to buy one and eventually, his bag will turn out to be similar to Peter’s.
But he was quite persistent that Peter’s bag was what he wanted.

Peter’s 6 year old Theobook in Dec 2018.

Peter’s 6 year old Theobook in Dec 2018.

During our conversation, I asked him why he would prefer a bag that was used and patina by someone else when he can patina on his own. His response was….

“Why not? We shop for the beauty.”

I believe that is probably when this concept of “Rough Treatment” was seeded.

As our slogan, “Vintage Done Right” suggests, creating that naturally old & unique look is what Sandast is all about and we spent many years to master our technique. And our biggest challenge has been with dark colored leather such as Navy & Black. No matter how much time and effort are invested in leather distressing, it was very hard to show the effects through the “lenses”.

It took numerous tries before I was able to hammer it. 1st time is always the hardest.

It took numerous tries before I was able to hammer it. 1st time is always the hardest.

“Damaging the leather on purpose” was simply unthinkable….. until now.
And I have been experimenting new method and techniques, and I find it quite enjoyable to see the new scars and marks.

If you are a pure leather enthusiast, we must warn you that the following content may contain some gruesome images… a procedure we call, “Marking”.
(Big props to our friend, “Lock” at ‘Eastern Fabrication’ for his help & inspiration)

And this is how he looks….well at least for now.
I have been carrying it around & been receiving tons of compliments.
However, if you believe it needs more scars….

Let’s collaborate!
It will be a lot of fun.


Theobook-finished (7).JPG
Chris Pak