WANTED : Gregory Backpack

Yesterday, I heard a devastating news.  Our good friend, Sam was going on a trip with his friends to Europe.  He really liked our Gregory Backpack & Duffle set.. so he ordered both in Cobblestone.  There was a little delay in leather shipment so we couldn't finish them in time. 

Gregory (4).jpg

Sam has been really busy for past few years and he was really looking forward to this 3 weeks long trip...  It certainly sounded great!  Starting in Iceland, Barcelona, Greek Islands, and ending in Tel Aviv.  So I'd loaned him my backpack & duffle for the trip & off he went......

Out of all places he'd been to, he told me "Mykonos", a small resort Greek Island in Meditteranean was the most beautiful & being a single & eligible bachelor, it was even more so beautiful as there were many beautiful ladies vacationing in that Island as well. 

They were invited to a party so his group went... except a friend who opted to take a nap instead. When he came back to the house he was renting, his backpack along with others were all gone.  Checking the security camera, there was a Burglar who broke in and stole them without knowing one of his friends was sleeping in the room.  The Burglar left as soon as he sensed there was a person.... but his backpack along with his passport & valuables was gone.


The House had a security & camera system... and this man appears to be the Intruder.  Sam went to its only police station in Mykonos.. but its police station was immensely short-staffed (total force of 3 officers) & according to the officers, lately there have been increases in such cases with professional burglars coming from the Main Greece & Italy. 

Although Sam & his friends reported the incident to authorities, he felt no hope of anything getting done. 

gregorybackpack-leatherbackpack-handmadebackpack-travelbackpack-tan (3).JPG

This Gregory Backpack holds a special meaning to me.  Not only it is the 1st of its kind.  It was a special gift to self..... & I've made few promises to our Ambassadors for re-union photo shoot of mine & theirs together. 

Well...  I am determined to get my backpack back, especially from these criminals.  And I believe I have a good chance of getting it back as my backpack looks exactly like the photo you see above & there is only One in the world that looks like this. 


It also has another unique distinction as well.  On its back, it has one of my favorite quote inscribed as well. 


To be continued....

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