Los Angeles: Home Sweet Home!


Ever since I came to Los Angeles almost 30 years ago, it has been my home. This is where I grew up, got married, and where my three boys were born. Los Angeles is an amazing city. The weather, beaches, the culture, Hollywood… I can go on for days bragging about it. However, what is most important to me is that Los Angeles is my home. The nature of my business has allowed me to travel everywhere. I have been to many beautiful cities and places, but no matter how beautiful a place is there is no place like home!

Los Angeles is my home and the home of Sandast as well. This is where all of our products have been made and will be made.  The labels do not say, “Designed in Los Angeles” or “Created in USA,” but instead: Sandast products are designed, created, and handmade in its entirety in our home, Los Angeles.

Chris Pak