Dallas, Texas


As some of you may know, I have decided to re-do my entire collection from scratch a few months ago.  As an American leather company I wanted to create a collection that reflects the heritage of American value. And what better place is there to visit and learn than Dallas, Texas?


It was my 1st time visiting Dallas so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve heard many people talk about “Southern hospitality” and, boy, they weren’t kidding.  From the lady at the rental car counter to the security guard at the AT&T stadium, I felt genuinely welcomed to Texas.  My 1st stop?  Of course, The Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I have seen the stadium many times on TV but this stadium is simply 


something else. Walking on the field, seeing the giant big screen, all those luxury boxes and accommodations, and feeling the atmosphere, everything seemed to scream "Texas Pride." Now my next stop, Fort Worth.

Considering it was 2pm when I arrived in downtown Fort Worth, it was relatively quiet. It was quite peaceful while I walked and browsed the city.  Near the Sun-dance Square, I had a good look at some of those old buildings and got some sense of what it may have looked back in the old days.

Next stop, Stockyards.  It takes only about 15 minutes to drive from downtown Fort Worth to Stockyards.  As I was getting closer, I noticed some old buildings made out of barn woods and stores selling cowboy boots and souvenirs.  A group of Long Horns and cowboys on horses were in my sight and I felt as if they were welcoming me to real Texas. =)

Browsing through this town and visiting Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Museum helped me get a glimpse of the life of early Texans. It was a unique and fun experience and a few delicious margaritas at the near bar definitely put a nice touch on my 1st day.


Dallas Art museum was my 1st stop in the next morning of day 2. They have a big collection of fine arts (including Picasso & Monet) and breathtaking sculptures.  To top it all, the admission was free!  If you ever get hungry while enjoying the art, there is a restaurant called "Meso Maya" (5 minute walk from the museum), I highly recommend it. The salsa & margaritas... I am salivating.

After a hearty meal and few margaritas, it was time for a little exercise. I casually walked my way to the Sixth Floor Museum and in the process, I had a good view of downtown Dallas and the skyscrapers.

I had mixed emotions about my experience at the Sixth Floor Museum. It was exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. It was really painful to go through the accounts of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. To look through the same window where Lee Oswald supposed to have seen the motorcade that John F. Kennedy was on, all these different reports & conspiracy theories, a lot of what might have been, and etc. Upon exiting the museum, I thought to myself to watch “JFK” by Oliver Stone when returning home.

Heading back to the museum where my rental car was parked, I took a different and longer route to see more of Dallas’ skyscrapers via Elm street. Downtown Dallas on Saturday afternoon was very quiet and I felt like I had a private showing of all these buildings and etc.

Leaving downtown, I headed to Bishop Art district to enjoy dinner and drinks with an old friend. That sums up my short trip to Dallas, Texas.

Before visiting Dallas, I did not know what to expect or what to find in Dallas, Texas. Since I wanted to make a collection featuring Dallas, Texas, I thought it was only natural for me to visit and feel the city and people, so to speak. Obviously, 2 and a half days might not be enough to truly understand the culture and people but this trip was really inspirational and taught me a few things about Texas and Texans, Texans are very friendly.  I felt also the big buildings, vast lands and houses, and flash alligator leather cowboy boots are the reminiscence of their confidence and pride. Let’s see if I can express that confidence through the bags. Stay tuned!

Chris Pak