We as humans are social and “Being Social” means we communicate with others at all times. With our current technology, we are now able to communicate with anyone in this world instantly via texts, emails, phone or video calls.

Of course, everyone has different preferences when choosing the method of communications and there is no right or wrong in choosing one’s preferred method.
With that in mind, I just want to share my own personal observance and preference.


Until recently, I was also heavily relying on the written form of communications (texts & emails) myself. Then I had a few incidents to realize how easily and dangerously it can be mis-interpreted.
I’ve found that in written form of communications, receiver’s state of mood matters much more than the actual content and therefore, they can be very easily misunderstood.

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Upon realizing its potential flaw, then I understood why so many CEOs travel constantly around the world to conduct the businesses and why a few of our current Ambassadors doesn’t even have an email account. They are wise and probably knew the danger well before I did.

Starting this year, I have made a conscious effort to stay away from the texts and emails, and more I practice, more I am convinced that I am doing the right thing…. well at least for me.

Of course, “In person” is the best

Of course, “In person” is the best

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Whether you have any questions or concerns about your Sandast Gear or simply have a funny store to share, feel free to give me a call & share the laughs.

Thank you.


Chris Pak