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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Your “Legacy” Shall be long-lived.

Therefore, we must ensure its durability & longevity.
Thus, we must be stubborn…
in choosing the finest materials.



After all, Sandast is a leather company so naturally, selecting our current line up of leather has been our biggest emphasis. Here at Sandast, we only use 100% Vegetable Tanned & the Finest Genuine Leather from USA & Italy.

Full Reasoning….

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It is our view that a “Zipper in a bag” is like an “Engine in a car”. No matter how great a car may look, if it is not running smoothly, it is not an ideal car in our opinion.

We use Riri zipper from Switzerland to ensure our clients to enjoy the smooth opening and closing experience.

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 Denim & Waxed Canvas

Obviously, the same logic applies when choosing a denim or fabric in our collection.

Our denim is the finest Japanese Selvedge from Kuroki Mills, Japan and our Waxed Canvas comes from a Mill in N.J.

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Most of the hardware used in our collections are Solid Brass materials imported from various parts of the world such as France, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan.

It is getting harder & harder lately to find Solid Brass Suppliers as fashion industry has shifted to Aluminum or Zinc Alloy as they offer lighter and cheaper alternatives to Solid Brass due to the advancement of plating technology.

However, no such plating lasts forever where as Solid Brass will always be Solid Brass.
Even after many years, our Hardware will hold its original color where as other “Plated” will eventually lose its color and turn to its original materials… Aluminum or Alloy.

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 Our Commitment

Our commitment to Quality has been the sole mean of our existence & we are still in the early days of our Journey.

We will continuously strive to improve our quality. If we come across any material that can potentially improve our quality, we will try, implement, and apply to our current collection.

If you are a supplier and believe you have a superior product that can be used in our collection, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you.

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