Jordan & Jay

Jordan has been a good friend of Sandast & when she wanted us to make a bag for Jay's engagement gift, we were very happy for her.  It is when she told me the story of Jay & her....  we felt the need & were determined to make this bag even more so special. 

loveletter-gregoryduffle-handmadeduffle (2).JPG

Both Jordan & Jay have had quite a bumpy road before their fate or path finally crossed.  Hearing their story & history was very moving & touching. 

From what Jordan had told me about Jay,  Jay sounded like your typical Southern Gentleman.  A man who walks the talk & believes in old Chivalry.  Jordan wanted to tell Jay that she loves Jay for who he is & that they are in a team together.  So we had inscribed a special message to him on his Shoulder pad. 

loveletter-gregoryduffle-handmadeduffle (1).JPG

Life is a journey & so is the marriage.  Living in Los Angeles, we are blessed with the beautiful weather & blue skies, but even in Los Angeles, we have a storm occasionally.  I believe "an occasional storm" is even welcoming to appreciate the sunny days & same logic can be applied in a relationship.
So We've come up with this quote.  

"Our Voyage together will hit storms occasionally, but together we will weather any storm to reach our home....a Paradise". 


It must be a coincidence.  But as I was working on Jordan & Jay's duffle, I had just started the mural on our Studio.  Although I knew what I wanted to paint for the 1st phase  (Journey), I wasn't sure how to transform it to the final phase & this bag brought an inspiration....  It is called "Paradise". 


Jordan & Jay,   Thank you very much for your wonderful support & friendship.  We are counting our days for our family trip to South Florida for our Cigar & Whiskey on your boat!  

Be Well & Will see you soon!