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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Love Letter

It is not “a bag”……
Rather, It is a "Love Letter" in a form of leather bag. 

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Love Letter

Of course, it is your heart that matters the most & we would like to assist you make your special day just a bit more memorable.

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Jordan & Jay

Jordan & Jay were engaged (now happily married!) when Jordan had asked me to make this Gregory Duffle for Jay. Jay is a ship-captain & by nature, he is away often. Jordan & I wanted to make a bag that could remind Jay of "Home". So the concept of "Love Letter" was created...


Lynn & Brian

It was sometime in October 2018 when Lynn and Brian came to visit our Studio. Brian had discovered Sandast and he wanted to gift his wife, Lynn, with a new bag. After a brief tour, we had decided to make a custom bag for Lynn and of course.... Brian paid for it.

Just another transaction.... so I thought until I received a phone call from Lynn a few weeks later.