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Premium Leather Goods, Made in USA from our workshop in Los Angeles, Califorinia


SAndast Love letter

As you know, at Sandast we are committed to creating both beautiful and truly unique leather goods; our leather love letters are one of our favorite ways to express the power of love.


GregoryDuffle-Harness (5).JPG

One such instance, our Gregory Duffle held the love and affection of Jordan & Jay. This particular duffle and harness are special in so many ways. 

Jay is a ship captain, your quintessential Southern Gentleman. He walks the walk and talks the talk; and when he does talk his words are honest and as reliable as rock. Separately, Jordan & Jay had a bumpy road before their fate's had them cross paths. 

GregoryDuffle-Harness (2).JPG
GregoryDuffle-Harness (3).JPG

Ultimately, It is not the bag that matters, but what the bag symbolizes.

Dear Jay, I have a Love Letter for you from Jordan.

"I first fell in love with being between your broad shoulders, until I found out your heart was broader, no matter how heavy the load becomes, I will always help carry it"
GregoryDuffle-Harness (8).JPG
GregoryDuffle-Harness (10).JPG

Do you have someone you love?  If so, let us deliver your #Loveletter.