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Premium Leather Goods, Made in USA from our workshop in Los Angeles, Califorinia


Vintage Done Right


Maintaining the Traditional American Classic Design while ensuring its use to be Functional & Practical with the finest global materials, combined to make something one-of-a-kind. Different cuts of leather, finished tones and variations in distressing means that this is the new American Quality, this is Vintage, Done Right.

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Handmade with Passion & Soul


Pictured below are the hands of Luis, Rosa, and Sandast Team; between them, they produce everything that comes out of our workshop; which is directly adjacent to our studio in Downtown Los Angeles. These are the hands driven by "Passion & Soul".  

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Be Your Legacy


No matter how expensive or beautiful a bag may be, at the end of a day it is "just a bag". At Sandast, we want to create something better than 'just a bag'; we want to create a bag that is by extension part of your identity. We'll provide an unique canvas in leather, you paint it with your legacy.

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