Tuscany, Italy - Texas Conceria


Leather distressing on "Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather" has been the core distinction & uniqueness in Sandast's collection from the beginning.  Therefore, as you can imagine, I have seen many types and kinds from tanneries all over the world.  I vividly remember the moment I stumbled upon Texas Conceria and touched "Houston", I was oblivious and lost for words at its beauty.  This may be the most beautiful & perfected "Vegetable Tan grain leather" and I do say it with a full conviction.

The texture, strength, gradation of color, and the smell... I am not a big believer of "love at the 1st sight",but this "Houston" had me at Hello.  When I made the 1st sample out of this leather,  that love only intensified and became an obssession.  I was really looking forward to visiting its Tannery in Tuscany, Italy and it sure was a pleasure.



Santa Croce is a small Tuscany town located about 20 mins from Firenze. I have been to a few cities that are known for tanneries such as Leon, Mexico and Chennai, India, and I remember the unpleasant odor as soon as I landed in the city.  When Nico came to pick me up at the Empoli train station and driving into Santa Croce, he apologized and warned me about the potential unpleasant odor and I comforted him by telling him that I’d been to other places.  As we were getting near and inside the city, I was getting somewhat confused because I did not smell anything.  There was a very slight hint of an odor, but surely that could not be it… I thought. To my pleasant surprise, that was actully it and comparing to other leather towns I have been in, I told Nico that Santa Croce smelled like the Garden of Roses.


Texas Conceria produces only one article called, “Houston”.   After numerous years of trying to perfect this natural skin with the natural wax, they have finally found a formula to create this article “Houston” that has a soft feel, look natural and made naturally.  Nico’s father has always had a fantasy with the Western Classic and John Wayne so the tannery was named Texas and the name “Houston” was chosen for this article because Houston is a home of NASA and Nico’s father thought it was somewhat amusing to imagine a phrase such as “Houston we’ve had a problem”. It brought a big smile to Nico when told so the name was finalized then.

Cowhides used to make “Houston” are imported from France or Ireland as theirs are the finest in the world.  Once the hides are imported, only shoulders are carefully chosen from the entire hide as shoulders are the best and most consistent parts in leather.


Above photo might look gross, but it may be so because that is the natural fat.  This is the mastery of their article and where the magic begins. The mix of natural fat and  a special wax that only melts over 100 degree in Celcius, in their own creative way of applying on the full grain leather, that is what makes this article so special.


This leather itself and as is so beautiful and special.  Of course, with my own touch and leather distressing,  it is beyond anyone’s imagination. Yes, the collection is almOnce the collection is introduced, I would like you guys to look the leather, feel the leather, smell the leather, and tell me if you have ever seen a better vegetable tanned full grain leather than this. It is a challenge I will win every single time.

ashley oh