Tuscany, Italy -MB Pellami


Walking the streets of London and thinking about the collection, I had this visual tone of Cobblestone color I wanted and have been searching for the leather that can enable me to express it.  I thought I got lucky and found it.  When I finally received the sample, the color and the tone were perfect, but it was made using the belly and the yield was very poor.. so with much regret,I had dropped this leather and decided to go with the traditional brown tone.  However, the thought and want of cobblestone tone kept coming back to me.

Fabio (partner of the tannery) and I had kept in touch and when he found out I was going to visit Italy,  he strongly asked me to visit and also promised to have the same article in shoulder ready for me.  Upon arriving and seeing the sample, I felt perhaps this trip to Italy was the God's design.  This leather, "Montenai" made out of shoulder was obviously better than the previous sample made out of belly, but its smooth & rich color was extraordinarily better.  "Montenai" is a classic vegetable tanned leather, but it has a very cool modern feel to it. It exactly matched the tone of London and captured my heart instantly.


MB Pellami is located less than 2 blocks away from Texas Conceria. MB Pellami is a small tannery whose partners are friends from childhood.  After talking to Fabio & Mauricio, I came to a conclusion that it probably is the same for any other tanneries in Tuscany that Fabio’s father and grandfather worked in a tannery and so did Mauricio’s.

img_8811 (1).jpg

From the arrival of the raw hides (sounds like a cliche, but only imported from France & Ireland) to the final products, the tannery runs and operates like a clock by veterans who average more than 20 years of making the beautiful leather. MB Pellami specializes and produces only a few types of article and this results in the consistency and expetise.

Over the lunch, I asked Maurizio where the inspiration and the name “Montenai” came from. He took a vacation to a little village called “Monte Nai” in Sardinia island, and the name & its image matched the characteristics of the new leather he had just developed. In his own words,  “Montenai” is a pure harmony of different features: Vintage stile and modern concept, naturalness and artisan beauty, and tradition and modernity.  Exactly how I wanted to describe the city of London to be.  Theodore collection & Montenai are destined for each other and oh, I can not wait for the collection to be ready.

ashley oh