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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle


Starting 2019, Sandast is going completely “handmade to Order”.

So we are discounting all of our current “Stocks”.

Best Leather + Best Materials + Handmade in Los Angeles...



Vintage Done Right

Our Concept is the Classic American Design while maintaining its use to be practical & functional. You won't see a big flashy logo or hardware in our collection. Instead, we let our leather work do the talking. The biggest distinction of Sandast is our leather treatment. We hand-distress each & every single leather in our collection so that your Sandast product is unique & ready to age with you. 
Yes, "SANDASTing" is a long time-consuming process & someone once asked me once why we are being so stubborn about making ours in this way.... 




Handmade with Passion & Soul  


As a small business, we understood we could not possibly compete against the Major Designers in US or Abroad in terms of marketing, advertising, and packaging. So we have been focusing on the area that we control our own destiny & out-compete... and that has been the Quality. 

And the Quality has been the sole reason why we were able to continue our Journey..... 




Be Your Legacy  

Every Sandast product is made to last & we support our claim with a lifetime warranty. And because of our unique Leather Distressing technique, "SANDASTing", it is designed to age along with you.  We would like our products to be more than just a "Bag"... rather to accompany you in your wonderful Journey & when all said and done, it represents the walk of your life. Thus...

"Be Your Legacy"



Limited Production

All of our products are handmade in Sandast Studio, Los Angeles & We are limited to what we can produce with our two hands.  

And as you can probably tell, we are extremely proud of that.