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Premium Leather Goods, Made in USA from our workshop in Los Angeles, Califorinia


Sandast x Hankyu

Exclusive denim collection

Japanese consumers are known worldwide for their sophisticated fashion sense as well as their ability to understand and identify the beauty and premium quality of various merchandise and in values. Back in 2015, in an interview with Safari Magazine Japan, I made a plea to Japanese consumers to forgo the logo and judge us by our beauty and the quality. In the years since that plea, my call has been answered beyond my wildest expectation; we are simply overwhelmed and grateful for the support you've given us.

To show our appreciation, Sandast is joining Hankyu to present our first official Denim Collection; available exclusively at Hankyu Umeda Osaka. There is something special about this union of Kuroki Japanese Selvedge and Horween English tan. The colors, aesthetic, and the underlying theme of Japanese denim combined with American Leather. Upon completing this backpack, the first of the collection, I was so impressed with its beauty and I wanted to use this collection as my way of saying “Thank you” to our fans in Japan.

To celebrate the introduction of our 1st Sandast x Hankyu Exclusive Denim Collection, we have made this Falcon bag, the first ever made as part of this 2018 denim collection. 



This 2018 Collection will be available exclusively at Hankyu Umeda Osaka store in Spring & Summer 2018 and will be available on beginning August 2018.

We thank you very much for your support and we look forward to continuing to serve you.

-Chris & the Sandast Team