Back in 2015, in an interview with Safari Magazine Japan, I made a plea to Japanese consumers to forgo the logo and judge us by our quality and aesthetic. In the years since that plea, my call has been answered beyond my wildest expectation; we are simply overwhelmed and grateful for the support that Japan has given us.

To show our appreciation, Sandast is joining Hankyu to present our first official Denim Collection; available exclusively at Hankyu Umeda Osaka. There is something special about this union of Kuroki Mills Japanese Selvedge and Horween English tan. The colors, aesthetic, and the underlying theme of Japanese denim combined with American Leather are the manifestation of "Highest Quality" 


Behind the scenes of one of Sandast's proudest achievements; carefully placed selvedge tape, beautifully coordinated material patterns, durable and timeless construction. The union of Japanese Denim and American Leather to create lasting and functional heirloom goods, all made in Downtown Los Angeles.