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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle



We've named it "Cognac" because we simply couldn't find any other name to describe our Cognac.
We were looking for the Color best expresses..... the Passion. 
& We believe we've made the right selection.  
Its Bold Color will become....

 Passionately Bolder...

JamesTote-Handmadetote-diaperbag-leathertote (3).JPG

English BRIDLE

Made out of the Finest English Bridle, Our Natural has the most defined texture in any Vegetable Tanned leather & because of its fine texture, it is the most durable in our collection. 
It will tan in much slower pace than the others... but it is okay.  

This will Last Forever. 


Italian BLACK

It was a total coincidence that I'd stumbled upon this leather. 
Our Italian Black will turn darker vs our American Black. 
It has a soft grain that allows SANDASTing technique to flourish...
Yet, it is Durable & Strong.


After all, He is Italian. 




Our Orchid is fast becoming the Favorite among the Ladies. 
The Color itself is the Beauty....&  its Touch makes it even more ever so Elegant.
Yes, the Color, Quality, her leather Perfume, and her touch...& as it meets SANDASTing.....

She will be hard to Resist....  



When I first saw this leather & color, it reminded me of old Cobblestones I came to admire of  the streets in Old London. 
When its original light tone meets our SANDASTing.....

It becomes what you see now & it will

"Be Your Legacy"


American BLACK

Our American Black is very unique in its own right.  Thanks to Aubrey & Mark, I'd just found out myself. Unlike all other colors in our collection, our American Black will lighten as it ages.  Just like the hair of seasoned Gentleman, it will turn Gray. 

No, He is not getting older....

He is just getting Seasoned...


English TAN

There is a reason why our English Tan is the clear fan favorite. At least amongst  the Gentlemen.
This English Tan seems like a Divine match with SANDAST.

It is our....

"Best Canvas"