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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

“Custom Leather” is our Specialty.

Tell us what your needs are & it will be customized accordingly…



Every one of us is unique and perhaps that is why we all have different needs and things we always carry.

If you have any specific needs or can imagine one “Made in Leather”, let us know.
It will be done.

Nikolasmessenger-IPADbag-handmadeIPADbag-leatherIPADcase (1).JPG

This Nikolas messenger could be a classic example of Sandast Custom Work.
”Simple messenger bag with IPAD compatibility” was what we were commissioned to create.

So, Nikolas Messenger is created.


Brett CameraStrap

I believe it has been almost 7 months since Brett accidentally stepped into our Studio & Finally, Brett has his CameraStrap.

Welding-Helmet (5).JPG

Welding Helmet

Leo is a welder & he knew early that he would become one. When he finally got accepted to be a member of his long-family of "Local 731", he asked us to make a special helmet to celebrate the wonderful occasion.


Custom Sleeve

Bob is an architect & artist who loves to sketch. He wanted a sleeve that will fit his laptop, sketch book, and most importantly, Bob wanted his sleeve to function as a board to sketch on… So we got little creative.


Kathleen’s Backpack

Tom has come to visit us sometime in December 2018. He told me Kathleen had been wearing her backpack for a long time and it was literally falling apart. Tom had taken Kathleen for a new backpack for a while, but simply couldn’t find one that Kathleen liked.

So a custom backpack was called for & this is how Kathleen finally found her new backpack.

ChristinaCobblestone-Handmadetravelbag (3).JPG

Christina Travel bag

Mark has been a good friend and an Ambassador for a long time. One day, he called and asked us if we could change & modify a few things on “Christopher Travel” he bought for his daughter, Christina, we’ve decided to pay attention.

So began the new project…”Christina”


Allyson Backpack

Allyson & Zack likes to travel around the world and she has been looking for a backpack that will accompany her in countless adventures.

Upon seeing the dummy sample, we both knew we were making a special backpack.


Ring Costume

There comes a project or two that we just can’t help but smile upon completing it.

When Marcus told me Wrestling is his passion and he wants to make a comeback to WWE, we knew we needed to help & it would be a lot of fun.

& Fun it was… even Luis took out his cellphone and took some shots.