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Premium Leather Goods, Made in USA from our workshop in Los Angeles, Califorinia


Nikolas draws inspiration from the messenger Map bag that Russian officers carried during WWII. It may seem like a simple messenger, but it's full of secrets like the Russian officers that carried them. The Nikolas pictured below serves as a canvas for our Bespoke Services, custom designed to the specifications of its owner.


When the flap opens, it reveals a pocket for your phone or business cards and 3 pen slots. And it is also designed to hold your iPad, it has 6 card slots and a compartment for your memo or legal pad. Additionally, the main bag section and zipper pocket.


If your goto happens to be Macbook or you would rather have this compartment larger, 4 pens instead of 3 etc. Whatever the case may be, let us know and we will customize it to your liking.