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Genuine leather, handmade, Classic, Vintage, AmericanStyle

Welcome to SANDAST

We thank each one of you who've made our Journey possible.


Our Pledge

We have a confession to make.   It wasn’t a noble patriotic Ideology that led us to make our products here in USA.   We also did contemplate with a possibility to make our products abroad.
Until  we came to a realization... that these factories abroad don’t give a rat’s ass about the Quality.
Their main objective is to produce as much as possible  & as cheap  as possible.

So we’ve decided to make our products in our Los Angeles Studio ourselves.  Of course,  We have been blessed to have such an incredible Master Artisans such as Luis and Rosa with us. It has been almost 5 years that we have been together and we all grew together as a team.   It wasn’t easy, but the “Quality” was our only Means  to continue our journey......  With that motivation, we’ve  kept on & our Ambassadors have supported us fabulously.

Only a few knew us,  yet You all have supported us & became our Ambassadors.  We sincerely believe it is the “Sincerity in Leather” you have seen & approved, and we would like to make our pledge.

For your support over the years,  Sandast pleadges.....

1.       Sandast makes its products in USA.

2.       Sandast continuously ensures all of its products to be “Handmade” in “Vintage Done Right” style.


vintagedoneright (1).JPG

Our Ambassador

Being in fashion industry  for more than 2 decades now, I have seen & witnessed how easily “Money” and “Success” can influence a company to change its course from its original mission.

Yes, we understand it can be very tempting to choose money over an integrity & that is why we would like to ask for your help.

Instead of clients or customers, We would like to think of You as our Ambassador & Friend who will be honest and tell us if we stray off the Course.  In fact, we are counting on You to guide us.

Please help our Journey & Be Our Ambassador! 

New Ambassador

If you are new to Sandast & would like to support our cause.  We would like to welcome you by offering you 15% off of your 1st purchase. Please use "BeYourLegacy" discount code during checkout. 

US Veterans

If you have or are currently serving our country, we would like to thank you & welcome you by offering 25% off across our Canvas collection.  Please be sure to use "AmericanMade" discount code & be sure to send us your service photo to 

Best Friend 

If you are referred by our current Ambassador, we would like to welcome you with discount code for 25% off of your 1st purchase. Please let us know who've made you a recommendation so that we can properly thank him/her. Please use "WelcometoSandast" during your checkout" 
* Please be sure to let us know of a name of Sandast Ambassador that led you so that we can thank him/her properly.  

Current Ambassador

We thank you very much for your continuous support!  We value & appreciate your recommendation. 
Please feel free to let us know if you have any opinions that you would like to share with us. 



We've been finding out that the best way to improve our quality is to hear from You who are making Sandast a part of Your Legacy. 

If you currently own SANDAST products, please let us know how it is doing.... Good or Bad by sending us your kind advice to "".

Thank you! 



One of the biggest advantages in running a small business is that we have the luxury of interacting with our Ambassadors. Because Sandast is in the infant stage of our Journey, the number of our Ambassadors may be small, but without a doubt, our Ambassadors are simply the best group of Ladies & Gentlemen.

Under the advice of our Ambassadors, we have recently started the new Traditions:

“Sharing the Legacy”

“Best Friend Referrals”

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